Article: AutoSpeed – Best of the Best

There’re lots of modified cars around the place these days, but there are none like Nizpro’s arse-whipping Nissan 200SX-R. This is quite simply the best breathed-on car we’ve ever seen – and we sure have seen a lot of ’em!

Over a decade later

Essentially, the car was banned due to it’s speed, and the rules changed regarding the numbers of vehicles to class as a production car.  The car was sold and laid fairly dormant for roughly 8 years.  In this time the car was somewhat neglected.  Despite only clocking up less than 2000kms in that time, lack of maintenance and usage clogged up the engine to the point of requiring a full engine tear-down.  It was at this stage that Fastech purchased the car in 2012, and we are currently waiting on a few more parts before putting the engine back together.  Some details of the rebuild included the purchase of a brand new block, new teflon coated pistons, new Ferrea titanium inlet valves and iconel exhaust valves.  The car is still in excellent condition and especially for it’s age, even though they have been hard miles, it’s still only got a total of 11,000 genuine kms on the clock.

Will anything be changed?

Not much as it was so well done initially, but yes.  Because it’s 13 years since the car was built, a few things have changed for the better! Boost is currently controlled via GTR blow-off valves on the intake and the turbo has no wastgate, as you couldn’t get them big enough back then. This is not an issue now and will be changed.  The tune will be modified for E85 fuel, which may lead to bigger injectors to cope.

Few changes other than the engine, they are:

  • Fastech Big Brake Kit (Of course!) – Front: 8 Pot Calipers with 356mm Full Floating Rotors / Rear: 4 Pot Calipers with 330mm Two Piece Rotors.
  • We’ve got a new set of coilovers from Shockworks, these guys know their stuff and have made a custom set for the car with it’s GTR rear end.
  • Work KAI wheels that are a bit wider than the original Simmons to get a bit more grip.

Stay tuned, we’ll keep updating as it is getting completed.