Fastech proudly use, and offer Domain Name Registration through Synergy Wholesale. Fastech began using Synergy after having poor service from many of the big popular name brand providers, and needed fast Australian based hosting at a competitive price to host customer websites.

Synergy Wholesale are 100% Australian owned and operated. Unlike their competitors, all of their shareholders, management and technical team members are proudly Australian.

Synergy Wholesale are the only wholesale channel that is auDA ISS Certified.

Features include

Free global DNS hosting

Host your DNS zone with unlimited records on our global cluster.

Free URL forwarding and cloaking

Ability to forward a domain name to another domain name, or cloak the content of an existing web site.

Free email forwarding

Create email forwarding addresses which forwards email sent to your domain name onto another email address.

Free ID protection (for eligible domain names)

The ability to protect your online privacy by hiding the registrant details on the public WHOIS database.